After the move should be within the reasonable use of housing space

Room space is a lot of family problems, how to make the space wide, long hair experts suggest: TV and sofas where is diagonal distance, which is not based on conventional TV placed in the middle of the living room, salon,

is placed in the living room corner, corner, so that distance between sofa and TV will become the space diagonal distance of COSCO, which have nearly solved the problem. Make a space feel bigger and some "secret".   

extension of the Visual imagination   

     If you hang a painting on the wall of the room (good taking pictures such as oceans, forests), will produce a far-reaching open feeling, which is mainly used in episode one, touching scene to thinking characteristics of Association and imagination to decorate the bedroom in order to "

heart mirror "expanded to influence your sense of purpose to the narrow has room to expand. Long hair designer reminds you that if you put one or two small rooms decoration, can also play a "expand" space role. If placed in the window of the room a little

Cactus, make people's thoughts fly to the vast desert, think of vast stretches of Cactus's hometown. If you put one into the sky on a desk model plane, will also put your vision into distant space ... ...   

collocation and choice of furniture  

     too much furniture will divide space, sight is hampered and cramped, so reducing furniture height can make visual experience wide, living room a natural "change". Snatching gold in a small space, so reducing the small model, will create a

space, for example, remove the armrest of the sofa, and minimalist furniture popular in recent years, is a good choice.   

the rational use of the line   

     reduce the edges of furniture, furniture less angular parts of the arc will make home line is more fluent, walk more simple, less impact, naturally, do not feel cramped. Many ways to make the rooms bigger, use line

giving a longer-length Visual used to decorate the room will give a "expand" the illusion of the room. Long hair stylist recommendation: If your room is shorter, you can in the lower part of the wall decoration on either side of a set of horizontal lines, will make

room looked "long"; if it is too low, the walls decorated with vertical lines on either side, you can make the room "high" If you are only on the back is decorated with a horizontal line on the wall, will give you the room "wide" feel.  

mirror reflection using   

     mirror reflection of Visual space will become wider, is no longer airtight wall, but double the space, the effect is very obvious. As long as the heart finds that "home" is to create a better world. Mirror optical illusion can be used to "

expand the "area of the room. People feel this way, if the room has a big mirror on the wall, the mirror can reflect the image of whole-House, there seems to be an expanded sense of the room, this is actually an optical illusion works.

you put the mirror in the face of a window (door) and can get another light source in order to strengthen this optical illusion, you can mirror fitted with a pair of hooks to hang curtains on either side of, the effect will be better. Long hair stylist recommendation: If the door back

mount a door after the size of the mirror, shadow in the room will disappear, and your vision will show room "large" illusion. Different colors of paint wallpaper, wall coverings, you can give your room a complete change. Soft and light

light color, and will give you more space, whereas dark color can only produce a feeling of pressure, making you breathe. In addition, the wall covering is not painted on two tints of color, two colors to be parallel to the ground, put

across the line, horizontal lines must be changed from wide to narrow gradually from the proximal to distal, form zoom extends the vision, give the feeling of a large and lively.


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