If the wife is pregnant women how to move

Everybody knows pregnant women worry, the slightest mistake can have an impact on the fetus, moving is a big deal, so moving should pay attention to the aura effect on pregnant women.

experts said, the atmosphere of the room will have great impact on pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women home layout focuses on Qi, and NA Mong Yang is a plus. Air circulation in the room must be kept in pregnant women, to open Windows for air,

do not stay closed for a long time because of the hot weather in summer in the air-conditioned room. In addition, the room should not be gloomy, there must be enough light or moderate light, allowing Yang to gather, ward off Yin qi.

in addition, the Southwest this year as natural gas, due East for festive, family can focus on the layout and the rooms of the two directions. Device for placing aquatic plants or water moving Southwest furnishings, strengthen the field, conducive to smooth BB was born in the East

Green, green, green furnishings carpets and other, urged Wang of celebration, to make the fetus more healthy and smart.

taboo   decoration move Taiqi

for pregnant women and fetuses, and eliminate negative factors and maintain the stability of the gas market is the most important. Zheng chess teachers, women during pregnancy, at home for decoration, not ground-breaking, kitchen renovation, don't

changing room or moves in bed. In General, if an environment able to conceive, there would be no problem, do not change to avoid attracting unnecessary trouble. Due west for three hot this year, Northwest is available from different boxes, Gong Erhei star

, northeast of five yellow stars, so don't move it in four directions, or prone to accidents, disease, pregnant women and the fetus is very bad.

women during pregnancy should not be a relocation, as used to breed and grow within an environment of the fetus, if moved into a new environment, new homes all of the sound field in a magnetic field, and the original is not the same, once the fetus cannot be used, and may well hinder

development, and even dangerous.

pregnancy bed rest and sleep are also an important point to note, in General, to keep the bed clean and tidy. If you have some space at the end of the bed, only put clean clothing and bedding, can't put old clothes, sundries

or other strange objects, especially metal cutlery, Toolbox, and toys. If debris on the bottom of the bed, you need to move in bed removed, it is best to select an auspicious day and moves in pregnant women out of bed and move debris to avoid negative shadow on the fetus


furniture   landscape pleasing

many people like to place the mascot as a decoration in the home, or used as a sex offender, the mascot is not just misplaced, misplace things or misplaced but could backfire, especially pregnant women, in the use of the mascot or decoration

products need to be more careful.

for pregnant women, for decoration mainly simple bright, delightful drawings, photographs, such as the beautiful landscape, scenery, pictures of smiling BB, etc, wall and soft furnishings designs have to be happy

instead of animal print appears. In addition, the brave, a lion, Tiger, elephant mascot, klunky, bells and other decorations will cause adverse effects on the fetus, that do not fit in the home. In addition, the pregnant woman's House of flowers and plants should not be too much,

otherwise too much yin was not conducive to good health, there are fish tank or misplaced.


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