Move move, the company lost mobile phone and a car with no

Not long ago, the public Ms Coke move, the company moved, found the phone on the table disappeared.

after unloading

found missing

on July 1, the village in the demolition, in South Zhai Yingcun Coke moved to kiss women of small town living. To that end, she has several moving companies on the Internet, by telephone, after shopping around, she chose "save money moving companies"

contract handling fee is $ 420.

"at that time, the two moving vehicles, have three young boys and a self-proclaimed boss surnamed Zhang. "Coke said, boys work very quickly, and soon zhaiying of stuff moved south on the car. When these tools are shipped to kiss town

, Porter moved upstairs when she lay on the table in the home of a phone worth more than 1000 Yuan missing, then found a boss asked whether Porter, one of the porters in di Ying moved south, the acknowledged and took

two phones at home, coke returned to the woman, but denied ever seen this phone on the desk. So, char lady called the police.

police say

Porter returned two phones

on July 16, reporters from the police confirmed Ms a Porter took Coke's two cell phones, they have to carry out the punishment. After investigations, police did not find Coke from the moving company ladies lost their third phone.

afterwards, Ms Coke dissatisfaction with the moving company services, refuse to pay removal costs, the moving company only pulled away a car on all items.

"the car has two large bags of clothes, a desk, hundreds of cardboard boxes and some laundry products worth thousands of Yuan. "Coke said that afterwards, she immediately contacted her boss, offered to pay removal costs, require a boss to return all items in the cart

。 The boss sent a text message, said putting stuff in Hui Tong near, let her get it yourself. After she passed, and found that only some laundry products, no other. On July 16, coke said that she was going to sue the company.

the afternoon of July 16, boss of Shijiazhuang city, contacted the moving company to save money, said he knew that Ms Coke a phone is lost business, but denied that it was his staff away. "She moved not for removal costs, is there any reason? Porter

I want money, I do? "The boss says, after the incident, Porter left the moving car, he does not know anything. "I gave everything I see in MS Coke, other items were not clear. ”


Select the best moving company to sign an agreement

in this regard, lawyer Wang Huimin, Director of Hebei NU law firm believes that moving company employee Ms Coke's two cell phones, vulnerability notes moving company employee management, focal ladies refuse to pay handling fees understandable.

the employee has violated the, suspected of a crime, should be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs according to law, char lady refuse to pay handling fee is not a basis. Meanwhile, coke Lady refuse to pay removal costs, moving companies can stay on the bus, due

good for safe keeping. If Ms Coke there is evidence that the car lost items and can ask the moving company for compensation.

in addition, when he suggested that members of the public in choosing a moving company, it is best to choose the regular big companies, a written agreement signed by both parties, for handling goods expressly for future rights.


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