Moving relocation of equipment, erection and commissioning process

1, the equipment comes into play, up to         

in the case of the preparatory work done, began organizing on the equipment comes into play, and the lifting work.         

2, lifting the preparatory work before         

device before the lifting, must be done through careful inspection and verification work. Check the device installed in the correct Datum marks, azimuth marks; check whether the equipment lifting lugs meet installation requirements.         

3, lifting sling is tied to         

includes pulley hanging hanging ears, electric hoist, pull test and adjustment of bearing, tractive and trailing exhaust system settings, and so on.         

4, load test         

check before the load test; lifting lifting Operations Commander low-down; layout elements and main contents of the monitoring posts to monitor, crane test down multiple times, each section has a coordination and security review changes, such as the various parts



5, hoisting         


the associate conductor of the order made by the Chief of the official, check the post to post and check the command signal is normal; position reports readiness, and signals inform the podium; formal lifting, keep equipment away from temporary bearings 500-

800mm stops, and for further inspection, each post should report the situation is normal; bearing removal equipment and ground debris, and continued to lift.


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