Owner moving dog with moving house but not a home

"Lang Cheng TOU stray dogs, more rural than us? "After the grandson was bitten by a dog, fengfeng grandfather was heartbreaking. He came from qijiang rural home, help out at the son and daughter-in-law of the restaurant.

         yesterday afternoon between reporters at the Temple of Ma Huang lianghehongen overpass, found the peak restaurant. Here the dog does a lot, reporters just stay in the restaurant half a hour, you can see 8 dogs from the side of the road alone after, formerly

after no owner, is a dog.

        residents say, MA Huang Liang and Shu liang, Huang Jue Yuan is still a crossroads, live a lot of migrant workers. Due to their rented houses security installations is not good, a lot of people in order to guard against theft, rural habits of dog theft

。 It stop the thief, but due to the large flow of migrant workers, some since the location change, move away quickly, they're gone, but abandoned dogs. "Sometimes the family walked the dog not to enter the House,

waiting at the door. "Open Barber's Cao Jiarui said they saw dogs and poor, or throw something to the dog, nobody more of them. In this way, the growing number of stray dogs in the area.

        living in the small business parents, known peak being bitten by the dog thing. Though their children often run of the door, chasing the play, but now a lot of parents don't let their children go out alone to play.

        at present, my kennel, Chongqing urban dog management the management of the provisional regulation. This requirement shall not be abused, abandoned breeding dogs. Against the growing problem of stray dogs, the provisions of article 31st said, district (County) people's Governments shall encourage civil society organizations, volunteer rescue stray dogs, canine charge receiving inspection sites.


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