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Relocation of Shijiazhuang city

Relocation of Shijiazhuang city

province of long short-distance move, moving services, moving plants, Office moving, handling, moving the piano

◇ residents, schools, hotels, shops, supermarkets;
• Consulates General in Shanghai, logistics and distribution, long short-distance transport and shipping;
◇ Large-scale relocation of commercial buildings, enterprises and institutions;
• Relocation of machinery, equipment, apparatus, hoisting machinery.
◇ Households, offices, buildings, supermarkets, factories, hotels, hospitals, stations, companies such as daily cleaning, regular cleaning, window cleaning and floor waxing, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, building land reclamation, dredge operations

ancillary services:
• Assembling and disassembling furniture-hardware
• Transfer machine-one year warranty air conditioning
◇ Service before moving-rental boxes, free crate
◇ Repair transition props items-furniture store warehouse
• Remove the single worker-indoor moving and difficult removal and loading or unloading
• VIP move-before moving to bring home packing, moving back the carton clear


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