Considerations for air cargo of long distance moving

Goods to reach the station, unless otherwise agreed, the carrier or its agent shall promptly to notify the consignee of the arrival. Notifications include telephone and written in two forms. Dispatch notice of arrival of the goods shall, within two hours after the arrival of the goods at issue, Mr

General cargo spontaneous arrival notice should be issued within 24 hours of the next day, free storage of goods on 3rd. Delays in retrieving, carrier or his agent in accordance with the regulations of the nuclear charge storage fees.  

goods inspection authorities detain or because of illegally stored in the warehouse of the carrier waiting to be processed by the consignee or the shipper for storage and other related costs.

animals, perishable goods and other specified date and flight transport of goods, the shipper shall be responsible for notifying the consignee at the arrival station of the airport waiting for extraction.

the consignee on arrival notice and my identity card or any other valid identity document delivery; commissioned when taking delivery, arrival notice, and Waybill designated by the consignee and pick up the man's ID card or other valid ID card delivery. 如

units issued by the carrier or his agents requested a letter of introduction or other valid proof, the consignee should be provided.

carrier cargo single out after counting the number of packages delivered to the consignee. Shortages of goods, damage, shall, together with the consignee on the spot inspection and, if necessary, fill out the cargo transportation accident records and signed or stamped by both sides.

when the consignee to take delivery, packaging or weight of the goods if there is objection, should present identification or weighed to check again.

the consignee after the goods and receipt on the waybill and no objections are considered goods have already been delivered intact.

shippers of goods and name listed on the waybill in conformity or in goods in the attached Government prohibits the transport of or restrictions on the transport of goods and dangerous goods, the carrier shall be treated in accordance with the following provisions:

1. stop shipments at the departure station, notify the shipper extraction, shipping cost is not refundable.

2. the transit stop delivery, notify the shipper, shipping charges are not back, and the name does not match the shipment, according to the actual nuclear charge freight transport leg.

3. arrival station, the name does not match the shipment, nuclear charge full freight.

spontaneous notice of arrival of goods the next day 14th unclaimed, arrival station shall notify the departure station, seek the opinions of shippers of goods or full 60-day unclaimed when the shipper's comments are not received, unable to deliver the goods.

the failure to deliver the goods, should be checking, recording and keeping jobs.

where national prohibitions and restrictions on the transport of goods, valuables and precious cultural and historical data of national authorities dealing with the transfer of the goods should be priceless, such as where an ordinary production, means of subsistence should be priced transfer of material or commercial sector; every fresh

living, perishable or have difficulty keeping the goods by the carrier's discretion. If destroyed, the costs borne by the shipper.

pricing, payment, should keep the carrier in a timely manner the financial sector. From the treatment within 90 days from the date, if the shipper or the consignee to claim, excluding the goods, storage fees and handling fees after the balance would be returned to the claimant if 90 days is not recognized

receive payment should be turned over to the State Treasury.

results for treatment of undeliverable goods shall inform the shipper through station.

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