How to make handling processes in order

Before I move

-before they moved in advance of inspection, cleaning

configuration planning-pre-prepared furniture and home appliances

-move the contact, such as: telecommunications, cable TV company ... ... Wait.

-moving equipment preparation

-moving luggage bag

-bargain with the moving industry

-the classification of waste,

-paid subscription

-determine the moving day porters

shortly before the move

-Hello to the neighbors

-clean new homes

-clean laundry facilities, waste water tanks

-acceptance of the new products

-food arrangements for moving day


moving day "old house"

-custody of valuables

-confirm the parcel (parcel number, there is no forgotten items)

-migration of telephone lines

-waste treatment

-home cleaning

-say goodbye to the old neighborhood

"the new house"

-removing a package

-move the settlement

  -telephone transfer

-checking of luggage (for damage)

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