Moving finishing packing method

Single rooms for suites, small for big, old houses for new houses, living standards have improved, also improved the living environment of the residents. The "51" holiday is coming, many people would like to choose this opportunity to change room to move. However, the Institute moved, a lot of people

headache again, this is not an easy thing, regardless of whether you choose a moving company to help you move, consolidation package must finish, and some valuables or delicate things, let others organize picks may not be assured.

then, facing a room full of stuff, how to tidy packaging it?, Teda hantong moving service company of professionals is here to teach you a few tricks.

object sorting package

moving type of thing, when numerous, often cause confusion. For ease of removal and resettlement, and avoid the occurrence of damage, loss and confusion, should spend some time before moving to all plan out the goods classification and sorting


small items

consolidation principles---

1. lighter items above, the down side. Seal tight box, especially on heavy box at the bottom to determine the prison (letter box best Scotch tape, adhesive force, also difficult to fault).

2. the odds and packing as much as possible, so as not to move scattered after losing.

3. daily use goods packed together, such as kitchen fine goods, children's books, stationery or washing Shu supplies,  in carton marked marked to identify. Cleaning cloths, dish cloths, cleaners and other cleaning supplies, packaging, so that new

can be used after.

4. other zero clothing, books, etc, can be classified by using frequency and importance of packaging.

5. medicine and other items can be individually packaged and marked, in case of an emergency.

6. packaged goods classification place, such as fragile, small appliances, such as cardboard boxes to be put together, so that the difference between, on the one hand easy to find, but also easy to draw the moving company's attention.

7. all kinds of documents, jewelry, books, securities central depository, if necessary, put it in the Bank safes.

8. unload goods, packaging and coding: dismantled, moved a few days ago for the various types of items, classification of banding properly packing and box markers indicate the contents inside the box for external use, so as not to forget what the box is filled with love. Meanwhile, outside the box number, so moving

during and immediately after the move, we know that whether the box is missing.

packing method---

1. some kitchen items like hot pot to pay attention to dismantling the parts collection, avoid Assembly could not be found.

2. the bowl, plate, various types of frying pans can be stacked together, but they will need to use old newspapers, among mats. Special glassware and lamps mounted inside the box. STAND ON END plate, not flat. With protective glass tape or foam materials

mirror, glass boxes, paintings or the art of dressing up. And outside the boxes marked "fragile".

3. the cutter blade with a cardboard wrap and tape, fixed.

4. packing with a crisscross tied for books, magazines, turning the place with cardboard protection.

5. all kinds of trinkets and odd little thing available small boxes or plastic bags, sealed with adhesive tape and then do not worry.

bulky items

for those bulky furniture, appliances and household items, move does not need to be packaged, shipped directly, but also to make sorting and preparation in advance.

1. unused appliances and the wardrobe and large, be sent in advance or ask for recovery.

2. unplug it before handling the fridge, then empty, don't put things inside.

3. washing machine need to unplug it, then completely ruled out internal waste water.

4. televisions, computers and other quilts or thick sheet covered on the screen, and tied good to protect it, and plug, fixed with adhesive tape.

5. emptying needed, wardrobe, desk and lock (key note well) or fixed with adhesive tape. Table adhesive at each corner with cardboard, and prevent scratching.

6. the dressing table mirror with transparent foam wrapped well in advance, and cosmetics is a wrap, then put inside a plastic bag.

7. the wardrobe clothes available in large sheets even coat hanger wrapped, quilt wrapped sheets can also be used directly, and then four corners cross knotted the sheets, covered with plastic sheets on my clothes and quilts and other items to prevent dust, moisture-proof. Also facilitate the movers moved over.

matters needing attention in the process of moving

box the best order (same size), a single box preferably no more than one meter, weight not more than 50 kg, packaged in the box should be full but not crowded, so as not to loose. Gaps will shake the box, papers, scrap foam

foam cushioning material such as clamp. Preferably one who can carry the weight of the box, cardboard box not too big, so difficult to handle.

fragile or heavy objects, in the carton must be marked "fragile, attention", "weight, base down," and so forth.

packaged items can be list to identify, collate.

when handling special attention to old house items missing, loaded all items. Final note look at the old House of the gas, water and electricity has been turned off.

in addition, the moving company you want to choose normal, do not arbitrarily find a moving company which has posted ads on the streets, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Prior to the Advisory 2~3, choose a certain well-known and reputable moving company

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