Shijiazhuang cleaning knowledge

A, cleaning of common sense: the

wasteland: refers to the completion of the new project and long indoor and outdoor cleaning with no cleaning, including: glass, doors, Windows, kitchen, ceiling lamp, wall and floor thoroughly cleaned.

why did the second, new project opens up wasteland?

1, construction, cement, paint, paint, GLUE and other stains inevitably attached to the room, it is difficult to remove.  

floor 2, using first quality maintenance determine the length of its life.

3, glass cleaning is most important, affecting both beautiful and lighting effects.

three, waxing: the patron saint of the floor!

strong protective film formed on the surface of the floor, fix the cover on the floor of the original scratch, scratch and reduction of its wear and tear.

four, professional waxing: the right choice for you!

1, cleaning: washing machine dirt thoroughly clean floor surfaces and seams.

2, water absorption: absorbing water machine cleaning solution on the floor.

3, wax: wax professional floor wax evenly to the surface of the floor.

4, Polish: after the wax surface condensation with constantly high speed polishing machine polished, more smooth wax surface, full of bright color.

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