Teach you piano how to safe handling

Nowadays a lot of people already have a piano, but in the process of moving into submission to worry: how to safely carry the piano becomes a headache problem? The station's staff visited a number of Shanghai moving company owner, take a lot now written down

in order for everyone to share.

  according to the experienced moving company tell friends make sure to police of the need to move carefully, has a piano at home is the best moving company to move yourself prone to make mistakes, this is the primary issue.

  second problem is how to find a safer moving the piano company, there are three lessons for your reference, first of all, find a reputable moving company, followed by telephone confirmed that the company, the last person to visit its office space, the last

is the most important, be sure to sign the contract, note the damage claims, and real pictures.

  after the above steps of implementation, security is no problem, you can safely move the piano.

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